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Our 2017 Ag Service Award was presented to a man who has been involved in agriculture his entire life. It began when he was just barely big enough to work on fences with his dad and tend the cattle on the ranch. He was instilled with the ability to fix whatever needed fixing, including livestock, and grew up to love the land.
In his early years, he worked as a flagger for Rod and Connie Donner of Mid State Aviation.  Following High School graduation, he attended NCTA, where he earned a degree in Ag Business and won over his sweetheart.
Mitch Ziebell married in Cheri in 1980 and together they raised 3 daughters, Amanda, Sarah and Rebecca—and now enjoy spoiling their 5 grandchildren.
Over the years, he has been employed on Howdy & Ralph Benjamin’s turkey farm. He farmed with Jeremy Geiger for a short time. He also worked at the Kugler Bull test for a number of years, a few years for Gary White and returned to the Bull Test when it was purchased by Darr Feedlot, Inc. Over the years he has been very involved in his community through the American Lutheran Church, the NE Pony Express Association and is currently Trail Boss for the Cozad Pony Express. He has served on the Dawson County Extension Board as the County Fair superintendent and was a 4-H Leader for a number of years.
Mitch’s work ethic includes always being to work on time, doing his job and more without being asked and supervised. He works hard and smart with a willingness to work late when necessary. He is not afraid to go beyond the job requirements and he is very savvy at operating and repairing machinery and equipment. His manner around people and livestock is calm, quiet and respectful and his character is wrapped in honesty and commitment with a touch of humor.
Quote From John Schroeder:
“To be a Christian, we are to be humble, kind, patient, and love.  Mitch is the example of demonstrating patience with the livestock he works with, the employees and contractors he works with, and the customers he serves.  Some are more challenging than others and test most anyone’s patience.
Proper patience is also knowing when to be impatient and act with a sense of urgency.  This is finding another gear and being prepared for an incoming storm.  This is having the courage to stand up for what is right and correct even someone in authority.
Mitch’s humble and kind demeanor shows his love for the cattle, the industry, and for people.
As a cattleman, Mitch has a keen ability to see cattle needs.  He is one that can pull sick cattle and treat them properly back to health.  He is also one that thinks ahead and takes care of cattle needs, to prevent sickness from happening.  Consumers can trust that he does all of this in a way that is proper for the cattle and the customer he is working for.
The base of any great employee is being a hard worker.  Mitch works a lot of hours.  Mitch works hard.  Because of this, Mitch is highly respected in the industry at being one of the best.  Mitch works with integrity and Darr Feedlot Inc. is proud to have him represent us anytime.
As a visionary man, Mitch sees things that can be improved and develops solutions to accomplish those changes.  Mitch is a talented fabricator and welder and with his own two hands has built many improvements to facilities and tools of the trade.
Mitch is a leader.  He leads by example and gets others around him to change for the better.   Mitch has changed the frame of mind of many people on how to handle and develop cattle.  He has the respect of bull breeders and industry service reps.  When he shares his opinion, people listen and react. They know his observations, and his thought process forming those opinions, are sound.  Mitch has and continues to be a great teacher and mentor for Darr employees and interns, customers, and industry participants.
Summarizing----Mitch Ziebell is one of the finest men on earth I know.  He is a proper example of what I want my children to be as they grow up.  He is a Christian man that lives a Christian lifestyle; he is a family man that enjoys wife, kids, and grandchildren; he is a cattleman and therefore a caretaker of livestock and a steward of the ground; he is a working man that rides for the brand.  I’ll repeat that—he is a working man that rides for the brand and makes sure the job is done and done right; he is a visionary man that dreams to change the things which are not ideal and prays for the continued strength to survive in the meantime;  and he is a humble community servant that donates his time back.   His focus on making this industry and world a better place is obvious.”
How blessed we are to have such an amazing example within our community of a committed employee, determined to improve the world of agriculture wherever he is employed, however, he doesn’t stop there. He reaches far into the community to make a difference in the lives of others, extending his knowledge to educate our children with ag knowledge not learned in books but through a life dedicated to the profession. He is a friend among us and we are honored to award Mitch Ziebell with the Cozad Chamber Ag Committee 2017 Ag Service Award.  ~ Sandy Bappe


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