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Roberto & Christina PerezThe Cozad Chamber of Commerce welcomes new chamber member, Boss Ink, owned and managed by Roberto and Christina Perez.

The Perez family lived in Texas where Roberto worked as an industrial roofer. The work was hard and the heat was horrible in the summer months. His fellow construction workers praised him for his great artistic talent and encouraged him to start a tattoo business which he eventually did in 2014. Since childhood, Roberto had always had a passion for art and a love to draw. As an adult, tattooing became a way for him to supplement the family income while allowing him to continue to his exercise his artistic talent.

In Texas, Roberto and Christina’s children were not safe walking to school or even playing in their fenced-in backyard without adult supervision at all times.

“When you live in the city you know what dangers there are and what people are capable of doing,” shared Roberto. “I had to protect my kids at all times but here (Cozad) you don’t have to be so protective.”

Seeking a safer environment to raise their five children, an acquaintance from Cozad encouraged Roberto and Christina to consider moving their family from south Texas to Cozad. The family made the trip to Cozad and purchased a house.

“We moved to Cozad in March of 2015. Welcome to the good life,” said Roberto. “It’s a lot smaller and way different than the city where we came from. It was a big culture change but it’s a nice place to raise a family.”

“It was a different change but nevertheless, a good change,” shared Christina.

Roberto found employment at Nebraska Plastics and then later went to work for Tyson but his love for art and especially tattoo art led him on a search for a place to start his own tattoo shop. He began his search in Cozad with no luck but found a business in Lexington in July of 2016 where he resumed his love of tattoo art after work and on weekends.

One day as Christina was walking through downtown Cozad, she saw a For Rent sign in the window of a store and called Roberto immediately. Stacy Aitken visited with Roberto and Christina and agreed to rent the Reflections building to them.

They had tried to rent storefronts in Cozad previously but the timing wasn’t right shared Roberto. The Reflections store was perfect for them and they were very excited to continue their business venture in Cozad.

Their new location gives them room for several tattoo artists, a consultation room and a private room for tattooing. According to Roberto, guys are more conscientious about their bodies than gals and request more often to be covered up or in a private setting during a tattoo session.

With 12 years of experience in tattooing, Roberto brings tremendous artistic talent to his customers and he is licensed with the state of Nebraska through the health department.

Usually customers will bring a picture or two to Roberto as a reference. Roberto will sit down with them to talk about the tattoo before drawing out an original, designed just for them. Roberto always sends the original drawing home with his customer because he will not use their original design on anyone else.

Roberto shared that the wrist and inner forearm were the most popular places for tattoos. Small tattoos only take about 15-20 minutes and large, complicated tattoos can take several sessions and hours to complete.

Customers must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo. Minors cannot be tattooed unless they have a court order and a parent or guardian with them through the entire process. This applies to minors who either have an obscene or gang related tattoo that they wish to cover up.

Roberto will never tattoo anyone he feels is being pushed into getting a tattoo by someone else.

Tattoos Roberto tries to avoid are tattoos on fingers or on the face. Tattoos on fingers fade super fast. He will never tattoo the face of a young adult.

“I turn people down. I will not tattoo just anybody. I’ve done this for so many years and have seen people get tattoos and regret them so I try to guide them the right way. I want them to make the right choice and to think about it for awhile.”

“The inks I use are one of the best in the industry and the colors are true.” shared Roberto. “When you do a tattoo it looks very nice and fresh but the skin is constantly changing. To keep your tattoo looking nice you need to retouch them every 4-5 years.”

Roberto is far more concerned that his customers are happy with their tattoos for years to come, than about making money.

Roberto’s wife, Christina handles the business end of Boss Ink while Roberto handles the tattooing. They will be offering tattoo clothing and jewelry soon with future plans to include body piercing.
Roberto is very excited about all the art around Cozad and would love to be involved in some art classes and art clubs.

“I want to get together with other artists and bring them over here (Boss Ink) so we can help each other out.” shared Roberto. “It’s nice to see other people’s art. I like to see what they are creating and the materials they are working with.”

“I do basically every type of art except welding. I don’t know how to weld but I’m going to learn it. I challenge myself all the time.” shared Roberto. “ I want to see other artists’ perspective and see through their eyes. I want to see how they put everything together. Once I see their point of view and see their art through their eyes, I can come back and apply it to my art. It helps me to improve my art.”

tattoo“I feel that the art of tattoo is special because every tattoo has a story behind it. It is never just a simple flower. It could be a memorial flower in memory of an aunt or grandma who loved that type of flower,” shared Roberto. “It is so nice to hear the story behind the tattoo as I’m drawing it out. The tattoo is like a piece of their memory that they can share and show off.”

Roberto rarely gets customers that choose tattoos out of a book. Most of his customers have thought long and hard about what their tattoo will represent.

“The fun of tattooing is being able to successfully draw out the vision of what people have in their minds. It is difficult but very fun. I love when I finish a sketch and someone tells me, “That is just what I want!”

Boss Ink is located at 746 Meridian Street and is open Monday-Wednesday from 10am-6pm and  Thursday-Sunday from 10am-10pm for consultation. Tattoos are by appointment only on Thursday-Sunday.

You can contact Boss Ink at 784-2454 or email them at


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