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L2 For Kids

Cozad Chamber of Commerce welcomes L2 For Kids, organized by Henry Potter, as new members. L2 for Kids seeks to provide, through the local churches, organizations and individuals, under-privileged children with new clothes for school to help increase their self-esteem and well being in an effort to show them Christ’s love.

Henry describes this mission in the following way:
“Think about the spring a new pair of shoes adds to your step the first time you wear them. How about the confidence from a whole new outfit? Now imagine how you would feel getting shoes and brand new clothes for the very first time. It’s a feeling that has been shared with many underprivileged children over the past years of building L2 for Kids across central Nebraska.

L2 stands for Lazarus in the Bible. Just as Jesus gave Lazarus a second chance, children have a second chance with new clothes for the first day of school. Monetary donations received from churches, business, organizations and individuals provide the funds to take elementary and high school children on a once-a-year shopping trip to buy new school clothes. Between $75 and $125 is allowed per child. They are allowed to choose their own clothing.

Children who feel good about themselves and don’t stick out in a crowd because of what they’re wearing, find more success in the classroom,” shared Henry.
There are 3 ways to give to L2 For Kids:

Gifts can be given to the church with a designation of L2 For Kids and the name of the town that the giver wishes the funds to go to.

Donations can be made to the trust that has been created for L2 in which the interest and dividends from the trust are used as a supplement to the giving going on in the community. The idea behind the trust is to eventually fund the purchases without fundraising.

A legacy gift can be made that will last multiple generations to provide help to kids for many years. This type of gift can be made through a will, trust or Transfer on Death.
All gifts are presented to the kids as gifts from God.

How It All Started
“In 1998, I met a young boy in Kimball. Joseph was a very troubled boy with a lot of behavior problems. I became his mentor and worked with his teacher to get the kids to quit picking on him and to help him with his studies. That year he went from a 40% grade to 80% grade. Joseph went on to graduate from high school, the only one in his family to do that.

In 2000 we moved to Elsie, where I met David, a very troubled 8-year-old boy with behavior problems. He had been kicked out of school and told to not come back.

I went to the school and asked for one semester to see if I could help him. David made it through that semester with just three bad days. It was a complete turn around.

David and I would go out to eat every week and he would always want a toy and I would always buy him one. One weekend he was coming to stay at our house. My wife, Pat, decided it was time for me to buy him some clothes instead of wasting money on toys. I thought David would be very upset but instead he was excited to get the new clothes.

WOW, what a surprise! Sunday morning David was up early and ready to go to church in his new clothes. We got to church early that morning and David sat in the front row at attention so proud of the fact that he was not ashamed of how he looked.

Two years later David gave his life to Christ and became a Christian. Last year he went to Chrysalis in Hordville and also gave a talk at Chrysalis at Camp Comeca.

Because of David’s joy at getting new clothes, Pat and I started buying clothes for other kids. We now have a 501-C3 called L2 For Kids, Inc., a Nebraska non-profit corporation and the number of recipients keeps growing.

It is amazing what God can do with our life if we are willing to let Him lead us. None of this could have happened without God leading me and helping me every step of the way. All of these things would have been totally impossible without God’s grace and love. I thank God for putting up with me when I was being stubborn,” shared Henry.

L2 For Kids is just another example of someone seeing a need in a community and rising up to meet it. L2 For Kids has been working in Cozad to raise funds to meet the needs of the under privileged children in our community! For more information on L2 For Kids, contact Harry at 308-530-0441 or email him at

Visit their website at and their Facebook page at


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