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Current LocationCozad,
barn qult
The tourism committee of the Cozad Chamber of Commerce is excited to move forward with plans to bring a Barn Quilt Trail to Dawson County. Barn Quilts are considered one of the fastest growing grass- roots arts movements in the country. A Barn Quilt is painted on MDO plywood or signboard to represent a quilt design. The blocks often tell a story unique to the maker or location. This outdoor art form is touted as a vehicle for agri-tourism, a way for art to be accessible to all, and a way to beautify the community.
Check out our maps: Download a PDF or go to our Barn Quilt Map on Google
If you would like your Barn Quilt added to our listing download the Marketing Consent Form and Return it to the Cozad Chamber Office.

Nebraska Pinwheel

Highway 30 and Avenue H - Cozad

"Celebrate Nebraska's 150th Birthday in 2017 with this

historical block representing the wind, wagons, and windmills

that played such a role in the development of our state."


Museum Star

206 East 8th St - Cozad

100 Meridian Museum

historical walkway school

American Flag

Corner of Ave E & E 10th St - Cozad

Henri Museum Historical Walkway - Little School


historical walkway church

Cross & Stars

Corner of Ave E & E 10th St - Cozad

Henri Museum Historical Walkway - Little Church

Haymaker Spirit

1710 Meridian Ave. - Cozad

Cozad High School

"The Cozad Haymaker logo is the central focus of this block

to show off the community pride in our school.  Red, Black

and Grey showcase our team colors."

The Compass:  Finding our Way

1810 Meridian Ave - Cozad

Cozad Middle School

"A compass design is a nod to middle school students finding

their own path and direction as they learn and explore.

School colors of Red, Black and Grey unite the students on their journey."

Love of Learning

420 East 14th St - Cozad

Cozad Elementary School

"A variety of bright colors signify the creative ideas and

love of learning that are fostered in this building along

with the diversity of students and learning styles present."

Color Our World

420 West 14th St. - Cozad

Cozad Early Education Center

"Pencils and crayons in solid, primary colors represent the

solid foundation students develop as they begin their

learning career at the Early Ed Center."

cozad hospital

Piece by Piece - A Patchwork of Healing

300 E 12th St - Cozad

Cozad Community Hospital

"We incorporated the blue used on the hospital signs and made it

colorful to coordinate with the building. It was placed at the

hospital entrance and is visible from the street. It is protected from

the south sun and water under the overhang."

am luth

Heavens A Blazin'

200 E 12th St - Cozad

American Lutheran Church by Bonnie Hansen

"My church wanted to be part of the Barn Quilt project and asked

me to create one."




"Made by Jan Anderson in celebration of our grand opening"









"Custom woodwork done by Bobbie Jo Messersmith.

Made out of repurposed wood from old gym."

139 West 8th - Cozad

Rustic & Red

Both inside, woodwork is on the side of the check out stand




106 W 12th St - Cozad

Mary Ann Stefani


Nebraska National Forest

722 W 17th St - Cozad

Jim & Janet Klein

"Trees have always been an important landscape for years. We

placed it so we could also enjoy it."



3309 O St - Cozad

Burkholder Family Farm


Nebraska Sunrise

3309 O St - Cozad

Burkholder Family Farm

grand gen


410 W 10th St - Cozad

Cozad Grand Generation Center

rustic milling2

Maple Leaf with Flying Geese border

608 E Monroe - Cozad

Rustic Milling & Craft by Rose Mapel

"We are in the milling business that deals with trees and our

last name is Mapel so we thought it is fitting. I thought the

flying geese border was fitting since our family hunts and I thought

it added visual interest to the quilt. It is located on the back of the

shop and visible from Hwy 30."

Due to liablity issues, you must be accompanied by the Mapels to

view the quilt square up close from the wood yard.


Bread Basket

614 W 12th St - Cozad

Jackie Stam

"The same colors were used to coordinate with the front doors and

decor. It seems violet is a favortite color - it's catchy! The front of the

house needed something to make me smile when coming home!"


Missouri Star

2001 Lincoln Ave - Cozad

Bonnie Hansen

"The colors coordinate with my house. I placed in on the front of the

house to show participation with the Barn Quilt project."


Pinwheel in Pinwheel

1816 Ave J - Cozad

Norma Robison

"I used the colors that were available at the class at the museum.

I love to piece quilts but had never painted one before! It is

mounted to a gate we brought in from our farm house. All 5 kids

would swing on that gate! I placed it where the wind might not

blow it down. I intend to paint another one for the north."

eat beef

Eat Beef

41617 Hwy 30 - Willow Island

Burkholder Farm Family

"This quilt square was made by my 8th grader daughter, Megan. It

was a wonderful "hands on" math/art extracurricular activity that

promotes our cattle farm. Eat Beef quilt is located on Hwy 30 where

it is easily seen by traffic traveling east."


American Pride

76324 Rd 416 - Willow Island

Carolyn Wize

"To escape the persecution of the Czar of Russia, Pete Miller and

Katherine Kehm immigrated to America as Germans from Russia,

settling in Lexington, NE. To their union was born 3 daughters and

8 sons. All 8 of the Millers brothers proudly and bodly served and

sacrificed for our great nation, America.

John served in the US Army from 1940-1943, giving the ultimate

sacrifice on Attu in the Allutian Islands.

Pete served in the US Army from 1943-44 also giving the ultimate

sacrifice on Omaha Beach in France.

David proudly made his career serving in the US Army from 1944-

1964. He served overseas in Japan, Germany, Kagnew Station in

Asmara Eritrea- Ethiopia and Korea. Stateside he served at Fort Dix -

New Jersey, Fort Bliss - El Paso, TX and Fort Knox KY.

Brothers Hank and Fred joined together in the US Army serving from


Harold honorably served in the US Air Force from 1947-1953.

Alex joined the US Marine Corp serving from 1951-1959.

Bill, the youngest brother, joined the US Marine Corp proudly serving

from 1958-1962.

I, Carolyn Miller Wize, daughter of David, am truly privileged to proudly

dedicate this flag in the memory of the 8 Miller brothers."


Red, White and Blue Runs True

520 E 12th St - Cozad

Bob & Melanie Nutt

"I grew up in Nebraska's 4th of July City, Seward, NE. I was on the

youth committee for years and worked to gain this recognition. It has

always been our family's favorite holiday with my dad shooting the

fireworks show for 60 years and just retiring two years ago."

trib quilt

Lots of Fun

320 W 8th St - Cozad

Tri-City Tribune

Jane's Place

76351 Rd 421 - Cozad

Jane Berreckman

"This was given to me by two very special friends!"





Pinwheel - On barn








Friendship Star - On barn - LaVonna's favorite









Quilt of Various Stars - On barn middle










Vetters Corn - On barn









Americana - On barn










Love Flag - On quanset









Dails Creations - Birdhouse


42361 Road 761 - Cozad


Dail and LaVonna Vetter

"We like patriotic patterns and also welcoming ones such as friendship



Business in Progress

135 W 8th St - Cozad

Cozad Chamber of Commerce



Deconstructed Sunflower

75655 Road 419 - Cozad

Jeri Johnson

"While in Kansas City visiting the Country Club Plaza, I noticed this

pattern in the bricks that made up the sidewalk. The colors were a last

minute decision during the barn quilt workshop. They remind me of a

sunflower, the stalk and dirt."


940 W Walnut - Lexington

Marie Wellman

"I did a log cabin quilt for our little red horse barn so wanted one on
chicken coop."


Scatter Joy

216 W 13th St - Cozad

Machelle Smith

"It is a  flower pattern with happy, joyful colors. 'There is no beautifier of

complexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter joy and not pain

around us.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is placed on my cozy, front porch. One of my favorite places to be!"

Stars and Stripes

76420 Rd 422 - Cozad

Betty Baker

"This was my father's farm. He lived here from 1910 until his death in 1992.

Although he was an immigrant, he was a very proud and loyal American,

including his entire family. I am proud to say I had two brothers in the Navy in

WWII and two sons in the Vietnam War. I also had two nephews in the Navy

and one nephew in the Army so my quilt had to be red, white and blue!

Early Riser

3 Hendee Drive - Cozad

Diana Toner

"My husband is an early riser.  The colors matched the house or offset.

The TNT is for Tonor and Toner"

Log Cabin

821 Avenue F - Cozad

Cozad Christian Church

"The pattern is a cross, for which Jesus Christ died on. The red is for the blood

of Jesus, and the yellow for the light of the world, so we don't have to live in darkness."

Double Aster

1907 Lincoln Ave. - Cozad

Don & Peg Butler

"Didn't want to permanently mount to my siding of house, so I hung it on the

old garden gate in front of it.  There wasnt a great place on the front of the house anyway."

Bank Colors

747 Meridian - Cozad

First Bank N Trust

"We developed the pattern around the diamond shape of our bank logo"

Made by Dail Vetter

404 West 24th St. - Cozad

Ann & David Burkholder


Army Star

120 West 9th St. - Cozad

Tina & Scott Schmidt

"Patriotic Red, White and Blue - I picked the army star block to commemorate

our time as a military family and Scott's career as an army officer."

Our Version of Sunflower

West of Berryman Funeral Home (620 East 22nd St.) - Cozad

One Left Inc.

Owners: Randy Jacob and Don Butler

"We thought the sunflower was appropriate for our storage building

that is also th location of our garden."

God Bless America

2306 Adams St - Cozad

Tim Fink

Patriotic Star

2015 Avenue C - Cozad

Julie Linn


820 J St. - Cozad

Cozad Elk's Lodge - South Side

Purple and White with an elk on it



Cozad Elk's Lodge - West Side

Flag colors-Red, White and Blue

Made by Jan Anderson and Bonnie Hansen

God Bless America

1813 Meridian Ave - Cozad

Dick & Bev Krushenisky

"We wanted it to be visible from the street.

Peg Butler made this for me for Christmas.

We really love it."

Rise and Shine

76491 Road 417 - Cozad

Judy Andres

"Red, white and blue.  Is placed on garage by military men raising the flag."

41996 Road 759 - Cozad

Althea & Mike Hill

"Cozad colors, black & red.  Nebraska colors, Red & white.

Oakland Raiders colors, black & grey."

Gengenbach's Creations


On front garage side

"Made with granddaughter for 4H project"








On back garage









On front garage









On sign facing south









On sign facing north







Praire Wildfire

75350 Road 419 - Eustis

Dale & Arlene Gengenbach

"Love making these.  Great thing for me to do to keep busy."

Maple Leaf & Sunshine

322 East 8th St - Cozad

Rob & Lanna Urban


Red Star

Front on pallet





On back garage

714 West 12th St - Cozad

Karen LaBrayere

Desert Rose

1409 Meridian Ave - Cozad

Jill Esslinger

"Dail Vetter donated the barn quilt to the

Grand Generation Center for a funraiser and I won the raffle."

Churn Dash

720 West 13th St - Cozad

Mavis Beavers

"I love the colors of blue and yellow together."

Security First Bank

818 Avenue F - Cozad

South side of building by drive-thru

"The S in the middle is our bank logo.  The colors are our bank colors as well"

Missouri Star

120 East 19th St - Cozad

Jan Anderson

"Is is red, white and blue to coordinate with the rest of our patriotic theme.

It needed to be high so it could be seen.  That spot was where it looked the best."


Stars and Stripes

615 East 15th - Cozad

Karolyn Christner

"In ally on east side of shed, it was the only place it would fit"

Summer Bliss

1118 21 St -  Gothenburg

Terry McVay

"Inspired by "Simmer Bliss" in Better Homes & Garden -

American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine."

Flower Garden of Quilts

302 North Smith Ave - Elwood

Marty & Phil Kleppinger

"There are 10-12 small 1x1 quilts in my flower garden.  They are all a different pattern.

I'm a quilter and felt like having quilt flowers in my garden."


3305 Newell St - Cozad

Lyle & Gina Davis

"Put it on the original "barn" of the former Hart place."






Barn Quilts of Dawson County Nebraska
_Barn Quilts of Dawson County Nebraska
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