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NameMichael Guth
Address 1404 M Avenue
Zip Code69130
CountryUnited States
Current LocationCozad, US

Colorado BiolabsColorado Biolabs was started in January of 1997, opened in 2000 and began manufacturing in Cozad in the middle of 2000, said Michael Guthrie, President and CEO of the Company, who attended the Crafts and Vendors at the Park event at Cozad Memorial Park.

The iron supplement pills, which are meant to be taken daily, are geared for endurance athletes such as bikers, runners, as well as anyone wanting to improve performance and endurance during workouts.  While at the park, an elderly lady shared that she also took ProFerrin Sport daily. When she worked out in her yard she would get so sore and stiff she was unable to do anything for several days. Since taking the ProFerrin Sport supplement, she no longer suffers with soreness and stiffness like she had in the past proving that the supplement is beneficial to anyone that may be low on Ferritin.

Ryan Mele, a professional road cyclist, said he has used ProFerrin Sport for seven years and recommends it to other athletes and people. Mele said he has seen the product give fellow cyclists more energy and help them endure hundreds miles of biking without having to suffer excessive fatigue or soreness after a long day’s bike ride.

The ProFerrin Sport supplement came about following a chance meeting with a coach from the USA Olympic Team. Colorado Biolabs were informed that the majority of the USA Olympic team were using the product. The conversation ended in suggestions from the Olympic Team coach to add Pomella which is an antioxidant as well as vitamin B6 and B12 bringing about the ProFerrin Sport supplement. Guthrie later ran into an endurance bicyclist that informed him that many endurance athletes were using the product with awesome results!

The supplement provides unsurpassed anti-oxidant protection of a patented pomegranate extract, Pomella®, known to improve the recovery of muscle strength following exercise, while reducing post exercise muscle soreness. It also supports healthy ferritin levels, cortisol levels, lactic acid levels, blood pressure, vo2 max, and inflammatory response to exercise. It also supports healthy nerve function, replication of DNA, formation of red blood cells, energy production through improved metabolism of glucose and fats, and normal sleeping patterns through improved circadian rhythm.

Absorption of the iron found in Proferrin® Sport, Heme Iron Polypeptide (100% heme based), is not hindered when taken alongside common dietary constituents, such as coffee, tea, whole grains, dairy, nor does it require Vitamin C for improved uptake. Up to 23x greater increase in serum iron when compared to common iron containing products and is NSF Certified.

Originally, the ProFerrin ES iron was used almost exclusively for dialysis patients and is still the leading brand for the largest dialysis company, DaVita Dialysis Center. DaVita is currently in the process of running trials on ProFerrin ES in hopes of getting the government to cover it for their dialysis patients. Since it is considered a supplement, it is not currently covered under Medicare or Medicaid. DaVita is hoping to change that status through extensive testing of the product.

The iron product is shipped across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico and can be purchase in Cozad at Colorado Biolabs,  on their webiste as well as, online at many health supplement stores.

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